ZUMI meets Architect@work

During the 100th edition of Architect@Work in Kortrijk, ZUMI will present a number of novelties.

ZUMI Light & Acoustics is a Belgian manufacturer started in 2016 with 30 years of experience in the world of lighting. The portfolio is constantly growing, the range can be applied in residential environments, office, retail, hospitality and healthcare. The key elements in the ZUMI products are technology and innovation.

One of the successes at ZUMI is the PLK spot. The possibilities are further extended in various applications for recessed, surface-mounted, track-light and as a pendant. A floor model with a marble base is now available in Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquina. In addition to the existing colours, white and black, the PLK is now also available in gold, bronze, forest and grey. 

TUBB series is a completely new line of trimless, surface mounted, track mounted and semi-recessed fixtures. It’s a timeless design with many possibilities of light colours ranging from 2400 Kelvin to 5000 Kelvin, special colours for fashion, art and food. For the trimless version there is also a solution with Tunable White (2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin) and PI-LED technology (1800 Kelvin to 16000 Kelvin + RGB). For the suspended version an acoustic disc made of 100% natural wool is added and available in 59 colours. The TUBB can be finished in white, black, grey, gold, bronze or forest. The reflectors are available in 16° - 25° - 39° and 61° in silver or gold.

Acoustics has become an important added value within the product range of ZUMI. First we started with the vertical and horizontal hanging acoustic panels, which are always measure made according to the project. Because of an increasing demand for wall- and ceiling mounted acoustic panels with or without light we now present the Acoutic Panel II at Architect@work. They come in 2 sizes: 600x600mm and 600x400mm. These can also be obtained in a suspended version. Very strong in the story is the finish. There are 3 possibilities: finish with Ntgrate (woven vinyl) in 2 colors, with Abet Laminati - choose from the full color range that consists of more than 1000 possibilities that are either perforated or grooved. A last possibility is with felt, also in 2 colours: grey and beige.

The COPTER series has also been extended with an invisible adapter under the name Copter Intrack.

The U-stone made of natural stone now exists in leather finish under the name U-leather.

Especially for this occasion a new book has been made with an overview of all novelties. The book with black and yellow stripes refers to a new ARTBOOK under construction with a lot of realisations and more new products.

And last but not least, after the awards already received in Kortrijk, London and Paris, ZUMI is now nominated in Monaco for the MDO AWARD.



ZUMI, booth 85 – Kortrijk Xpo – 9 & 10 May 2019

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