ZUMI - what's in a name

ZUMI is a Belgian lighting manufacturer that creates solutions for retail, office, hospitality, healthcare and residential ends.
We only produce high quality fixtures, this includes innovative, professional LED technology according to the Zhaga standardization, several control systems (DALI, 1-10V, DSI, Bluetooth, ...), aluminium reflectors (UGR < 19),... 

ZUMI integrates acoustic solutions, sound systems and others. We strive for the ultimate experience by using
the newest technology and made to measure solutions.

Why should you choose Zumi?

Made to measure

To meet up to all requirements we offer made to measure solutions. If something is not in our range, contact us and we look for the best solution for your project.


ZUMI offers a 5-year guarantee on all devices with a rated life of at least 50.000 hours of operation. A guarantee of 3 years is offered on devices with a rated life less than 50.000 hours of operation. Batteries are excluded from this guarantee.

Made in Belgium

Designed, engineered, manufactured, assembled and controlled in Belgium.

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