Winner MIAW Awards 2018

ZUMI wins third award in just one year.

Belgian lighting company ZUMI conquers Paris, the City of Light.

The Belgian lighting company ZUMI won an award for its ‘ACOUSTIC PANEL’ at the MUUUZ International Awards in Paris. It was named one of the best products by the most creative and outstanding manufacturers of the year. Start-up ZUMI from Gistel developed acoustic panels in which an innovative lighting solution is integrated. The company’s innovative design was rewarded for the third time in just one year - the best proof that ZUMI is a pioneer in the lighting industry and acoustics.

As a manufacturer, ZUMI entered into a collaboration with CO Studio and Stephan Mees for the design of the ACOUSTIC PANEL, while the acoustics expertise is supplied by Print Acoustics. ZUMI’s Managing Director Tony Decavele: ‘Thanks to this collaboration we were able to develop these innovative panels. It is a modular system of vertically and horizontally suspended panels that also allows the integration of lighting. So these panels are not only effective when it comes to acoustic absorption; they also represent a masterpiece of LED lighting.’

Human-centric light
ZUMI uses amongst others Tunable White and PI-LED technology in its products, an innovation which makes it possible for light to align as much as possible with the needs of the users and visitors. Tony Decavele: ‘Our products are made with a strong focus on human-centric light, the way in which light has an effect on people. Using PI-LED you can adjust the intensity of the light to the time of day or synchronise the colour temperature with the kind of ambience a space requires, for instance, a candlelight dinner or a trendy lounge.’

Although ZUMI is a fairly young player in the world of lighting, this international recognition enables it to grow, taking into account the challenges of the future. ‘The award we received in Paris puts us even more firmly on the international map. It encourages us to continue innovating. For example, we are currently examining how we can integrate other components such as loudspeakers, smoke detection, motion detectors and IoT into our products. In the future, we would also like to participate in the circular economy which contributes to a healthy working environment and guarantees the extremely long lifetime of the devices’, Tony Decavele concludes.

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